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23 May


The # in the title leads you to believe this is a very up to date pop song and that would have been bad news. In fact it’s a very uncomplicated and sweet pop tune sung by no less then R&B diva Mariah Carey and rising R&B star Miguel. The vintage sound in the track fits well with their voices and makes for a jaunty summer track. Don’t pay to much attention to the cheesy video or the fact that Mariah should start dressing more her own age.



Miguel speaks his mind

22 Feb


A bit different from what we’re used to from Miguel, nevertheless a solid diversity to his sexy R&B repertoire. ‘Candles in the Sun’ is a more political song, accompanied by a beautifully shot black and white video. The song comes of the album ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’, which has received some pretty good reviews along the way. So maybe check that out as well.