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Your shoe has a soul

11 Jun


Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program is about taking your old smelly sneakers and turning them into courts, tracks and athletic fields.  Since they started the program in 1990 they turned 28 million pairs and 36,000 tons of scrap materials into what they like to call Nike Grid and made over 450,000 sporting grounds with this material. Covering about 632 million square feet, which is basically the entire island of Manhattan.

The idea that my old pair of Nike’s,which I most likely became attached to, don’t have to go to waste and actually serve a sporting purpose, appeals a great deal to me and is actually a little reassuring. To show people what they are up to, Nike teamed up with design and motion studio ManvsMachine to create a cool animated video which shows basics of this process.




23 May


The # in the title leads you to believe this is a very up to date pop song and that would have been bad news. In fact it’s a very uncomplicated and sweet pop tune sung by no less then R&B diva Mariah Carey and rising R&B star Miguel. The vintage sound in the track fits well with their voices and makes for a jaunty summer track. Don’t pay to much attention to the cheesy video or the fact that Mariah should start dressing more her own age.


Ready, set? Go!

21 Mar


This music video for Biting Elbows is quite the ride and not for the fainthearted. The fast paced song called ‘Bad Motherf#cker’ apparently needed a matching clip to go along with it, which Ilya Naishuller and Sergey Valyaev provided. In a 007 type setting, things go from ‘Holy shit!’ to ‘What the hell’ in mere seconds making you forget that this actually a music clip. The video is shot entirely from the point of the viewer, making sure you get sucked in and can’t stop watching.

Harlem in shock by “Harlem” Shake

27 Feb


If you haven’t heard about it by now, you are probably living under a rock. Everybody is doing this so called “Harlem Shake”, to the same titled track by Baauer. Which is a horrible monotonous track to begin with. As for the clips that are being uploaded on a daily basis, by anyone from your grandmother to a Georgia (US) swimming team (which is the funniest one by a long shot), they are all very similar. So if you seen one or two, you’re pretty much done. As I was thinking to myself; “Does this have anything to do with Harlem?”, I ran into the following video. These are street interviews with the good people of Harlem and they have an interesting perspective on the matter that confirmed my suspicions.


Coincidence, I think not . .

21 Feb


A few days after James Blake released his new video, showing the impact of a meteor in full effect, an actual meteor hit earth. Showing that the special effects team who made the video, weren’t very far off from the actual thing. That being said, I really like the new tune ‘Retrograde’, the first single of James Blake’s upcoming album ‘Overgrown’. Blake’s distinctive voice, capable of great emotion, is a beautiful combination with the heavy based electronic beat. If this is a promise of things to come, I’m looking forward to the album already. Which comes out the 8th of April.


Make it rain

15 Feb

A meteor exploded over Russia’s Urals region creating a shockwave and a rain of debris that injured over 900 people and damaged almost 300 buildings. Most injuries were caused by shattered  glass due to the explosion. A lot of schools and  hospitals were affected, therefore around 20,000 emergency workers were mobilized. I’ve never seen anything like it.