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What about those shoes ?

14 Jun


Off course, you can shoot your cool sneakers on a white background and they will stand out real nice. Or you can do what Willie T did, but you won’t see the shoes until the second viewing. FYI, model: Ellis Cooper, shoes: Air Jordan 11. Enough said.


Game characters come to life

13 May


This should be a fun one for the old school gamers. Designer and Illustrator Aled Lewis created a photo series where video game characters from back in the day are integrated in real life surroundings, giving you the idea that they have a life outside of the game. I think I’m not even old enough to recognize all of them, but I did enjoy browsing through.

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Manhattan to a bird

18 Mar


New york is by far the most photographed and filmed city of the world, no wonder another cool series has surfaced. These award winning aerial shots of the Big Apple were made by Navid Baraty, a Brooklyn based photographer.

Using the top angled perspective you get some interesting compositions with a harmonious course of lines, which makes a lot of the images very graphic. I do think that some of the photographs are quite similar to others and maybe he should have gone on a little longer to get a more diverse series. He’s certainly not the first photographer who came up with this idea, but the execution gives us an interesting view on our beloved Manhattan.

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