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You stay classy, San Diego . .

3 Jun


In anticipation of the upcoming sequel, Anchorman: The Legend Continues, we are teased by another short trailer. However, brief as it may be, I do get the feeling we’re in for quite the idiotic adventure of Ron Burgundy and his team. Expectations are rising as it becomes clear that several famous extra’s will be making an appearance, such as Harrison Ford and Kanye West. Hold your breath though, the movie won’t come out till December of this year.




2 Guns = Marky Mark and Denzel

2 Apr


When I heard Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington were doing a movie called ‘2 Guns’, I have to admit I was already sold. Having seen the trailer, I’m even more psyched about seeing it. In the film Mark and Denzel are teamed up while they are both working undercover without each others knowledge. I don’t have the impression that ‘2 Guns’ has an extremely compelling storyline, however I am convinced that it will be a very entertaining film with a lot of action and a few giggles. Unfortunately it doesn’t come out until August, so enjoy the trailer and be patient people.


Epic chapter, coming up !

7 Mar


We knew it was coming, but this new trailer makes Ironman 3 come across as the most epic chapter of this witty superhero. It looks like Tony Stark, obviously played by Robert Downey Jr., is in for a rough ride his time. The Mandarin played by Ben Kingsley seems more of a proper villain. An arch-enemy if you will, like Batman’s Joker or Bane. The star cast doesn’t end there I’m afraid, it also stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pierce and Don Cheadle. The movie will be released at the end of April, so bear with me. 



Denzel kills it

1 Mar


Although the rating at IMDB is only at 7.3, I think Denzel Washinghton’s performance alone makes it worth watching. In the movie ‘Flight’ Denzel plays the role of Captain Whip Withaker (I know), an experienced airline pilot with a drinking problem. On what seems to be another day at the office, the plane Whip is flying suddenly goes into a nosedive due to technical problems. He miraculously lands the plain with a controlled crash saving many lives. Initially he is seen as a hero, but as more details come to light he is faced with some tough decisions.

Besides Denzel there are some other great actors in there as well, Don Cheadle and John Goodman are a great addition to the cast.  Both the story and Denzel got nominated for an Oscar, which they weren’t lucky enough to receive because of the strong contenders. In a way the movie reminded me of Training Day, in both films Denzel plays a figure with authority that gets in to trouble while thinking nobody has got anything on him. Not even King Kong.


“Argo f*ck yourself “

26 Feb


If you want to see a film that pissed off both Iran and Canada and has just won an Oscar for best movie? Then Argo is the movie you’re looking for. Ben Affleck directed Argo and also has the leading role, no coincidence there I guess. The movie is about a CIA operation to extract six American diplomats that go into hiding at the Canadian ambassador’s house after the embassy was taken over by Iranian rebellions. You get sucked in to the film from the beginning and at times the tension almost becomes unbearable. John Goodman and Alan Arkin provide some comic relief now and then, but these two are always adding value in my opinion. As for me explaining the title above, Argo f*ck yourself ! You’ll see.


Dramedy at it’s best

19 Feb

I just finished watching it and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Silver linings is about Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper), who is just released from a mental institution under the condition his parents will take care of him. On a mission to get his life back on track, he finds the help of fellow patient Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence). They agree to help each other and sort of bond along the way. It doesn’t all go as swimmingly as Pat seems to think, causing irritation with his dad (Robert DeNiro) who seems to have a similar mental condition creating some confronting and funny situations. Being nominated for 8 oscars probably confirms a tiny bit of the quality of this movie. Oh yeah and because I say so.


Tarantino does it again . .

4 Feb

Django Unchained takes place in the south two years before the civil war, when slavery is considered normal and nobody has ever seen a black man on a horse. Main character Django is played by Jamie Foxx, who has played some badass roles in his time, but none quite like this one. In the film he partners up with bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz, brilliantly played by Christoph Waltz, well known for his role in Inglorious Basterds. Django is on a quest to find his beloved wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), from which he got separated due to slave trading. Django and Dr. Schultz find out she is property of Calvin Candie (Leonardo Dicaprio), owner of the infamous plantation ‘Candyland’. Here they also run into Stephen, Monsieur Candie’s house slave, played by no less than Samuel L. Jackson. Who will definitely crack you up a few times. Stephen is the head slave at Candyland, who has his suspicions when Django and Dr. Schultz show up.

The film is almost three ours long, but doesn’t get boring for a second. As we are used from Mr. Tarantino, there will be quite some blood shed and a good portion of cursing. For those who haven’t seen it yet, stop wasting your time and go already!