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‘Bo Knows’ – Air Trainer Max ’91

28 May


I’m not a big fan of American football, but these would look mighty fine in my collection. Nike has been making a range of NFL licensed footwear since last season’s partnership. Now they’ve come out with a fresh new version of the Nike Air Trainer Max ’91, but this time it’s inspired by Former Raiders running back, Bo jackson. Who had a short, but impressive football career.

Therefor Nike used the signature black and silver, which characterizes the Oakland Raiders. On the right heel Jackson’s jersey #34 is embroidered and on the left heel you will find the Raiders logo. The strap on the front features the slogan from Nike’s early 90’s campaign , ‘Bo Knows’. And I know these are available as we speak at select Nike dealers.



One day III

24 May


I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this entity, which you can hardly call a boat. You can’t blame billionaire Anto Marden for commissioning this mind blowing creation.

The Adastra Superyacht designed by John Shuttleworth (what’s in a name), is the largest trimaran shaped ship and features three separate hulls from which the middle one is obviously the main hull. The Adastra can easily cross oceans as it has a relatively low fuel consumption and it doesn’t weigh that much, because the structure and the deck consist of carbon fiber and the hull is part kevlar, part glass.

And did I mention you can control it with your Ipad even if your miles away? Awesome ! It’s on my list, for sure.


23 May


The # in the title leads you to believe this is a very up to date pop song and that would have been bad news. In fact it’s a very uncomplicated and sweet pop tune sung by no less then R&B diva Mariah Carey and rising R&B star Miguel. The vintage sound in the track fits well with their voices and makes for a jaunty summer track. Don’t pay to much attention to the cheesy video or the fact that Mariah should start dressing more her own age.


Surfing NYC . .

17 May

At last the summer is at our doorstep, what better time to start looking for swimming shorts. And since it’s the only thing you’re wearing besides flip-flops, I think you’ll agree these have to be top notch. How about these retro looking ones by Saturdays, called the Thomas Board Shorts. Simple yet stylish, not too long or too short, a handy pocket on the back (don’t put your phone in it). What’s not to like?

Game characters come to life

13 May


This should be a fun one for the old school gamers. Designer and Illustrator Aled Lewis created a photo series where video game characters from back in the day are integrated in real life surroundings, giving you the idea that they have a life outside of the game. I think I’m not even old enough to recognize all of them, but I did enjoy browsing through.

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The world on your feet . .

6 May

By now most people in the know are either wearing desert boots, derbies (preferably suede) or wingtips, for the even fancier folk. This of course is totally acceptable, but how to stand out once the secret is out?

For instance these desert boots created by Supreme and Clarks, who have teamed up a couple of times already. The upper consists of nubuck suede and has an old looking map printed on, which gives them quite an authentic look. They will be available online in three different colorways from the 9th of may.