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Fold ‘m stick ‘m

28 Mar


For their 50th anniversary the Japanese luggage brand, Porter by Yoshida Kaban, collaborated with Oliver Peoples to create a limited-edition pair of sunglasses. Oliver Peoples is based in LA and they have been making unique eyewear since 1986. From that time on their sunnies where seen on a regular basis in all the big fashion magazines up until today.

This folding design comes with CR-39 lenses and will be available in five different color ways. They will be in-store in April at the Oliver Peoples boutique shops and a few other select stores.




Fresh from scratch

26 Mar

Shlohmo ft Jeremih

The collaboration between Yours Truly an Adidas Originals is called ‘Songs From Scratch’ and that’s exactly what it is. They bring together cool new artists to create a track together and in this case those are Shlohmo and Jeremih. Shlohmo had already remixed the track ‘Fuck You All The Time’ by Jeremih and that didn’t go unnoticed, so they got another chance to collaborate. This brought us the fresh track ‘Bo Peep (Do U Right)’ which fits right in with the ongoing stream of a more electronic sounding R&B shaped by drum machines and synthesizers.


Easter sneakers !

21 Mar


Easter brings us not just bunnies and eggs, but apparently also fresh pairs of sneakers. Witness the pairs Nike is dropping for this jolly holiday. First off the ‘SB Koston QS Easter’, a noticeable shoe mainly because of it’s suede pink pastel upper, which makes it very springy summery footwear. I’ve found the SB line from Nike to be very comfortable and I expect that these will be consistent in that matter. These unfortunately very limited sneakers are not available anywhere near you, unless you live in NYC.

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Next is the ‘Air Max Light Easter’, which is brought to you by Nike and Size?, a retailer  based in the UK. Both pairs from the Easter pack have uppers of grey suede and white mesh and where one pair is complemented by dark and light blue accents the other is by dark and light purple. The blue pair comes of a little fresher and lighter, but that could just be the pictures. They will be available online and in-store starting tomorrow.

Ready, set? Go!

21 Mar


This music video for Biting Elbows is quite the ride and not for the fainthearted. The fast paced song called ‘Bad Motherf#cker’ apparently needed a matching clip to go along with it, which Ilya Naishuller and Sergey Valyaev provided. In a 007 type setting, things go from ‘Holy shit!’ to ‘What the hell’ in mere seconds making you forget that this actually a music clip. The video is shot entirely from the point of the viewer, making sure you get sucked in and can’t stop watching.

An album, for real?

19 Mar


Not too long ago R&B talent The Weeknd finally announced his first official and therefor debut album, ‘Kiss Land’. After a trilogy of mixtapes, which led to worldwide fame and a massive amount of fans, he finally decided it was time. Abel Tesfaye, the 23 year old Canadian behind The Weeknd, released his first three tracks in December 2010, followed up by the first mixtape ‘House of Balloons’ in March 2011. There was a bit of a mystery around him, when at first nobody knew who he actually was and he didn’t want to do any interviews, but the mixtape was critically acclaimed and from then on the hype started taking on serious proportions.

In 2012 The Weeknd signed with Republic Records in a joint venture with his own label XO, under this construction they released the Trilogy of the previous releases mixtapes. I’m looking forward to some fresh material and hopefully ‘Kiss Land’ will provide us with some new favorites. It’s not clear when the album is supposed to drop, but seeing as the art work is already done, it probably won’t take that long.


Manhattan to a bird

18 Mar


New york is by far the most photographed and filmed city of the world, no wonder another cool series has surfaced. These award winning aerial shots of the Big Apple were made by Navid Baraty, a Brooklyn based photographer.

Using the top angled perspective you get some interesting compositions with a harmonious course of lines, which makes a lot of the images very graphic. I do think that some of the photographs are quite similar to others and maybe he should have gone on a little longer to get a more diverse series. He’s certainly not the first photographer who came up with this idea, but the execution gives us an interesting view on our beloved Manhattan.

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Yes, please

15 Mar


This new tv by Phillips would be a very cool addition to any household. When it’s turned off it the looks like a glass plate that goes from black to transparent at the bottom. The DesignLine LED 3D TV can lean casually against your wall or you can hang it somewhere nice. Although I still don’t really see the need for a 3D tv, the sleek and minimalistic design makes me instantly want it. It should be available later this year in both 46″ and  55″.

Reminiscing . .

11 Mar


Cool new hiphop track by Joey Bada$$ produced by the one and only DJ Premier, which is very obvious when you listen to the track. Joey is part of  the hip-hop collective Pro Era and is looking to put his debut album out later this year. Because of Premier’s touch on this track called ‘Unorthodox,’ you feel yourself go back in time a bit when Gangstarr was still a household name. Reason alone it’s worth a listen.


Lights off

8 Mar


The Jordan’s from Nike are really on a role lately with all their retro models and several Nike ID pairs. This fresh edition is called the ‘Green Glow,’ which is a glow-in-the-dark version of the IV Retro. The shoe has a suede grey upper with multiple green accents that, you guessed it, glow in the dark.

I do believe I prefer the way it looks in the light, nevertheless it is a cool feature. These Jordan’s will be available from October and will cost somewhere around $200.


Autre pour vous

7 Mar


‘Play by Play’ is the recently released track of the album ‘Anxiety’ from Autre Ne Veut. Arthur Ashin is a 30-year-old Brooklyn musician who is the man behind all this. This experimental R&B song starts of  chilled, but then kicks in after about two minutes and doesn’t let go anymore.  His voice keeps hitting the notes in a passionate way, while the song stays in a constant climax till the end. Do enjoy.