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Vans x Denim

27 Feb

For the spring Vans is bringing out two of their main models, Era and the Sk8-Hi, with denim uppers. Vans are still wildly popular and these models will probably fit right in. The funny thing about the Acid Denim Era is because it’s washed denim one side can look quite different from the other. The whole 2013 spring collection is already available online. What are you waiting for? Get a fresh pair!

Afbeelding 4Afbeelding 6






Harlem in shock by “Harlem” Shake

27 Feb


If you haven’t heard about it by now, you are probably living under a rock. Everybody is doing this so called “Harlem Shake”, to the same titled track by Baauer. Which is a horrible monotonous track to begin with. As for the clips that are being uploaded on a daily basis, by anyone from your grandmother to a Georgia (US) swimming team (which is the funniest one by a long shot), they are all very similar. So if you seen one or two, you’re pretty much done. As I was thinking to myself; “Does this have anything to do with Harlem?”, I ran into the following video. These are street interviews with the good people of Harlem and they have an interesting perspective on the matter that confirmed my suspicions.


Comforting sounds

26 Feb


‘Solace” is the first single released by new coming artist Fyfe. The 23 year old from London will be putting out an EP in March. It starts of as quite a chilled track, alternated by a more impactful upbeat chorus which is backed by choir singing. It might be an acquired taste to some, but just give it a spin and see how you feel.

“Argo f*ck yourself “

26 Feb


If you want to see a film that pissed off both Iran and Canada and has just won an Oscar for best movie? Then Argo is the movie you’re looking for. Ben Affleck directed Argo and also has the leading role, no coincidence there I guess. The movie is about a CIA operation to extract six American diplomats that go into hiding at the Canadian ambassador’s house after the embassy was taken over by Iranian rebellions. You get sucked in to the film from the beginning and at times the tension almost becomes unbearable. John Goodman and Alan Arkin provide some comic relief now and then, but these two are always adding value in my opinion. As for me explaining the title above, Argo f*ck yourself ! You’ll see.


VNTG = Very Nice To Get

25 Feb

Nike is bringing out another colorway for the Nike Air Safari VNTG called “Classic Stone’. Last year was the 25 anniversary of this model, when they released four new pairs. This new version comes of fresher as there wasn’t any pre-yellowing of  the soles as they did with the previous models to make them look more vintage. These light new kicks will come out in may, which is perfect timing for when to wear them.


Samsung Galaxy Note 0.1

25 Feb

Samsung just announced the Galaxy Note 8.0, which is supposed to compete with Apple’s Ipad mini. Samsung already had a similar sized tablet out, the Galaxy Note 2, but they had to make one that was just a little bit better than the one from Apple. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is obviously 8 inch, where the Ipad mini is 7.9. The resolution is also slightly higher and the camera has 1.3 megapixels, where the Ipad mini has 1.2. You’d think this is a joke, but this is what the rivalry between Samsung and Apple has come to; making it 0.1 percent better than the competition.


The danger for both companies is that these  tiny and relatively cheap tablets are taking a chunk out of selling regular sized tablets and thus lowering profits. I think when it comes down to it, if you have to choose between Apple or Samsung, wether it’s a phone or a tablet, it just depends on what system suits you best. Considering together they are leading the market in a big way, you’ll probably end up with a pretty okay product. It might just be 0.1 better or worse than the one your buddy has.


Now we here !

23 Feb


I saved this one for the weekend, just press play and you’ll see why. It seems like Drake was inspired by his recent collaborations with a certain Kendrick Lamar. The song has a moody loop under a heavy bass beat and because of his reflective lyrics it feels a little more thought out than your average Drizzee track. You’d almost consider him to be little humble, but then again, he’s spitting while dancing next to a white Bentley. Started . .


One day . .

23 Feb

If I ever win the lottery, which I won’t as I don’t participate because it’s bullshit, or get filthy rich some other way. This will be one of my first purchases, an electric hot tub boat. It doesn’t seem practical at all, but it looks so comfortable. It has a waterproof music system installed with two 50-watt speakers and four ice chests built into the deck for drinks and what not. The tub has space for six and the water inside can be heated to a pleasant 40˚C. Who’s in ?



Sounds like ?

22 Feb


This guy has already been compared to anyone from Kravitz to Hendrix, but the fact is he’s a really skilled artist and it’s a matter of time before new artists will be called the next Gary Clark Jr. His album ‘Blak and Blu’ is a delight to listen to, going from blues rock songs to mellow neo-soul tunes. Which happen to be two of my favorite kinds of music, so forgive if I come off prejudice. His more powerful songs are backed up by some scintillating guitar play, while his voice easily crosses over from one type of track to the next. Some of his earlier mainly blues-rock fans supposedly were a little afraid of Clark Jr. drifting away from what they had come to love. When he was asked about it, he said: “I’m totally comfortable shaking that up” and so he did. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Miguel speaks his mind

22 Feb


A bit different from what we’re used to from Miguel, nevertheless a solid diversity to his sexy R&B repertoire. ‘Candles in the Sun’ is a more political song, accompanied by a beautifully shot black and white video. The song comes of the album ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’, which has received some pretty good reviews along the way. So maybe check that out as well.