Justin’s kickstart to ‘2 of 2’

31 Jul


It’s been a while so let’s start off with a catchy tune. Justin’s ‘The 20/20 Experience’ was apparently the first half of a two-part project. ‘Take Back The Night’ co-produced by Timbaland an J-Roc, being the lead single of the second part of this project.  The track has quite a ‘Michael’ vibe, which is obviously not a bad thing, and his accompanied by a nice amount of brass. ‘The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2’ will be released on the 27th of September, I hope there’s more where this came from



What about those shoes ?

14 Jun


Off course, you can shoot your cool sneakers on a white background and they will stand out real nice. Or you can do what Willie T did, but you won’t see the shoes until the second viewing. FYI, model: Ellis Cooper, shoes: Air Jordan 11. Enough said.

iOS 7 – Swiping has never been easier

12 Jun


Not that I think the use of an iPhone could be any easier, aside from small irritations off course. I do have to admit I got a little bit excited when I heard about IOS 7, mainly because it looks like they’re actually changing quite a bit. It seems the keyword is once again simplicity, aside from the new look, their purpose was to make it even easier to access all types of features. For instance by using the newly integrated Control Center, which allows you to adjust Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or pause a song within a single swipe. I could tell you a lot more, but that’s what the video is for. And remember to update come fall, even if it’s just to get that annoying red number off your screen.


Your shoe has a soul

11 Jun


Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program is about taking your old smelly sneakers and turning them into courts, tracks and athletic fields.  Since they started the program in 1990 they turned 28 million pairs and 36,000 tons of scrap materials into what they like to call Nike Grid and made over 450,000 sporting grounds with this material. Covering about 632 million square feet, which is basically the entire island of Manhattan.

The idea that my old pair of Nike’s,which I most likely became attached to, don’t have to go to waste and actually serve a sporting purpose, appeals a great deal to me and is actually a little reassuring. To show people what they are up to, Nike teamed up with design and motion studio ManvsMachine to create a cool animated video which shows basics of this process.


Twins ! And they sing !

10 Jun


Say Lou Lou is a duo formed by twin sisters, who released a couple of singles including ‘Fool of me’. Which is a very atmospheric electropop song that kind of reminds me of the XX, partly because of the  male guest appearance by the brilliantly named Chet Faker, an Australian electronic musician. Listen I say, this one might stick with you for a while.


Twist and share

5 Jun


Coca-Cola came up with a cool way of sharing a coke, even if you’re not very familiar with the person you’re sharing it with. At first you don’t see any particular changes to the original can, but if you give it a twist you’ll find yourself holding two small cans. So half the sugar, which is still a lot, but also a perfect way to start a conversation, don’t you think?


You stay classy, San Diego . .

3 Jun


In anticipation of the upcoming sequel, Anchorman: The Legend Continues, we are teased by another short trailer. However, brief as it may be, I do get the feeling we’re in for quite the idiotic adventure of Ron Burgundy and his team. Expectations are rising as it becomes clear that several famous extra’s will be making an appearance, such as Harrison Ford and Kanye West. Hold your breath though, the movie won’t come out till December of this year.



‘Bo Knows’ – Air Trainer Max ’91

28 May


I’m not a big fan of American football, but these would look mighty fine in my collection. Nike has been making a range of NFL licensed footwear since last season’s partnership. Now they’ve come out with a fresh new version of the Nike Air Trainer Max ’91, but this time it’s inspired by Former Raiders running back, Bo jackson. Who had a short, but impressive football career.

Therefor Nike used the signature black and silver, which characterizes the Oakland Raiders. On the right heel Jackson’s jersey #34 is embroidered and on the left heel you will find the Raiders logo. The strap on the front features the slogan from Nike’s early 90’s campaign , ‘Bo Knows’. And I know these are available as we speak at select Nike dealers.


One day III

24 May


I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this entity, which you can hardly call a boat. You can’t blame billionaire Anto Marden for commissioning this mind blowing creation.

The Adastra Superyacht designed by John Shuttleworth (what’s in a name), is the largest trimaran shaped ship and features three separate hulls from which the middle one is obviously the main hull. The Adastra can easily cross oceans as it has a relatively low fuel consumption and it doesn’t weigh that much, because the structure and the deck consist of carbon fiber and the hull is part kevlar, part glass.

And did I mention you can control it with your Ipad even if your miles away? Awesome ! It’s on my list, for sure.


23 May


The # in the title leads you to believe this is a very up to date pop song and that would have been bad news. In fact it’s a very uncomplicated and sweet pop tune sung by no less then R&B diva Mariah Carey and rising R&B star Miguel. The vintage sound in the track fits well with their voices and makes for a jaunty summer track. Don’t pay to much attention to the cheesy video or the fact that Mariah should start dressing more her own age.